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Case study: Glenn's story

February 2012

Meet Glenn Leenderts.

At the Industry Training Federation we rely on Glenn to provide us with top-notch print solutions.

Now Glenn is starting his journey to a qualification through industry training.  Both he and his NZ Print boss Mark want to build on his significant achievement and experience thus far and learn new skills and techniques.

It’s not going to be an easy road for Glenn.  He has dyslexia and left school at 15 with no qualifications. Glenn readily admits that the level 3 qualification in sales is going to be tough. But his drive and passion for the print industry, the support of his family; NZ Print; and the Communications and Media ITO, and his desire to help grow NZ Print through improved sales, are spurring him on.

Glenn has agreed to be an on going case study for the ITF to give those of you who do not work in industry training an understanding on how the system works at a micro level. About once a month we'll publish a new update and let you know how Glenn is going.  We'll include input from the Glenn, Mark, and the ITO.

This is just one example of industry training at work. Remember that one of the strengths of industry training is that ITOs employ different training arrangements that suit the needs of their particular industries.

The beginning:  February 2012

The boss' view:  April 2012

The first assessment:  June 2012

Development of the Qualification: July 2012

Success in the second assessment but it's getting harder:  October 2012

A new year with new goals: February 2013