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The Boss' view

April 2012

Glenn has been hitting the books, and finding it ‘not too bad’. He reckons he’s a few weeks away from his first assessment with the ITO.

Meanwhile, we’ll focus on the employer’s role in this partnership.

 Mark O’Grady, owner/manager of NZ Print sees the commitment he’s made towards Glenn’s training as an investment rather than a cost.Mark has paid $500 towards the cost of Glenn’s level 3 diploma in sales. He’s also a signatory to Glenn’s training agreement including a commitment to support him and allow time for him to complete the work required to achieve the qualification.

 “Glenn has impressed me since I first met him.

 “I’m wanting to grow the business, and I’m wanting Glenn to be a part of that growth. I believe in him and I believe that what he is learning will support these plans.”

 While print in New Zealand is largely seen as a domestic industry, Mark is quick to point out how they contribute to economic growth.

 “We’re already getting a few Australian clients who are choosing to print here, plus we pride ourselves in supporting other companies be more efficient through better print solutions.”

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