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Industry Skills Leadership

Review of Industry Training decisions announced on 25 January 2013

The Government has signalled previously that the Industry Skills Leadership role of Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) will be removed from the legislation.

Today's announcements do not address this issue directly, but focus on the role of ITOs to set standards, and arrange training.

This confirms our understanding that the plan to remove the industry skills leadership role from the Industry Training Act is still on the Government's agenda.

This point has been much debated since it was signaled last year. The general consensus is that the role was never well defined and therefore allowed ITOs and their industries to interpret it in a variety of manners.

We expect the expertise and experience that ITOs have in this area will still be a valuable resource as they support their industries in skill development.

We note, that this is an area that has received only miniscule support from Government so on a practical level, it is unlikely to make any difference to how many ITOs operate.

The Industry Training Federation will be working with ITOs and other stakeholders to determine ways in which industries can best meet skill leadership needs.  This will include a day devoted to this area as part of our annual conference on 11-12 June.