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2010 Media Statements

Good results but room for improvement

16 December 2010

Performance data published by the Government today shows that Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are doing a good job but that there is definite room for improvement.  Download full statement


ITOs committed to improving performance

28 October 2010

Industry Training Organisations are committed to improving their performance and improving their services to the industries and trainees they serve.  Download full statement


Literacy report welcomed

14 October 2010

The Industry Training Federation has welcomed the report showing a significant increase in the number of adults participating in education and training that includes a literacy and numeracy component.  Download full statement


Funding cuts will lead to skill shortages

12 October 2010

Funding cuts to industry training in favour of universities will lead to skill shortages, Industry Training Federation Executive Director Jeremy Baker said today.  Download full statement


ITOs focused on improvement

6 October 2010

Operational policy changes for Industry Training Organisations announced by the Government today will help ITOs continue to improve their performance, Industry Training Federation Executive Director Jeremy Baker said today.  Download full statement


Secondary Tertiary Transitions

1 October 2011

The massive challenge of the transition between senior secondary school and tertiary education and employment is the subject of a one-day forum in Wellington today.

The forum, organised by the Industry Training Federation, brings together schools, tertiary providers, Industry Training Organisations, and government to discuss how we can all work together more effectively to make sure every student can have a successful transition. Download full statement


International Literacy Day

8 September 2010

Around 10,000 trainees in the industry training sector currently have literacy embedded into their training programmes, Industry Training Federation Executive Director Jeremy Baker said today.

Speaking on International Literacy Day, Mr Baker said Industry Training Organisations had focused on developing embedded literacy systems into their qualifications, especially at levels 1-3, as a way to improve literacy in the workforce.  Download full statement


Federation advocates sectoral qualifications in schools

29 July 2010

The Industry Training Federation (ITF) is promoting broad sectoral-based qualifications in schools, that will provide clearer pathways to vocational study and work.

ITF Executive Director Jeremy Baker used his keynote address at this week’s ITF Annual Conference to promote real and practical vocational pathways in schools and beyond. Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are proposing to work together, with schools and tertiary providers to develop broad sectoral qualifications that would provide clear and visible pathways into different industries.  Download full statement


ITF calls for a more coherent vocational education sector

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Industry Training Federation Chair Kevin Bryant today urged a more collaborative approach to vocational education and training.

Download full statement


Employment outcomes matter for industry-relevant qualifications

15 July 2010

“Employment outcomes are highly relevant for industry-related vocational education and training qualifications, and industry supports the greater focus the Minister for Tertiary Education plans to give to this in future”, said Jeremy Baker, Executive Director of the Industry Training Federation. Download full statement


University not the only option

2 June 2010

“Secondary students considering their options for next year and beyond might be forgiven for thinking that university was their only option, if recent media reports were to be believed”, said Jeremy Baker, Executive Director of the Industry Training Federation.

 “The reality is only 30% of school leavers go to university, and many of them don’t complete their qualifications”, said Mr Baker.  Download full statement


Forum highlights value of skills

12 April 2010

The 7th annual Vocational Education and Training Research Forum kicks off in Wellington this week with a sterling line up of presenters.

The two-day forum is organised by the Industry Training Federation and attracts around 200 participants. Download full statement


Thumbs up to more relevant tertiary education

9 February 2010

 John Key is right to say that the country needs to improve the value it gets from tertiary education and Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) can help, Industry Training Federation Executive Director Jeremy Baker said today in response to comments the Prime Minister made in his opening speech to Parliament. Download full statement


Industry Training Federation welcomes new Minister

26 January 2010

The Industry Training Federation has welcomed the appointment of Steven Joyce to the role of Minister for Tertiary Education.

“Tertiary education, and particularly Industry Training, is closely linked to economic development and Mr Joyce has considerable experience in this area, which will be invaluable in his new role,” Federation Executive Director Jeremy Baker.  Download full statement