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2012 Media Statements

ITO performance continues to improve

31 October 2012

Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) have responded to Government expectations to focus on improving outcomes for trainees with staggering new results.

The Government’s Education Performance Indicators for the industry training sector for 2011 were released today and show credit completions rose from 46% in 2009 to 71% in 2011; and programme completions rose from 35% in 2009 to 69% in 2011. Read more.

Occupation Outlook Long Overdue

9 October 2012

A Government proposal for an Occupation Outlook to provide better information on future work opportunities is long overdue, Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said today.

The initiative is one of the new projects announced as part of the Skilled and Safe Workplaces Report released today.  Read more

ITO Numbers fall into line

30 September 2012

The number of Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) drops to 27 from tomorrow, as the sector responds to Government expectation for fewer organisations.

Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said a number of new arrangements will be formally recognised from tomorrow including the new Primary Industry Training Organisation and the expanded Skills Organisation now including the plumbing, gasfitting, drainlaying and roofing industries, and the public service.  Read more

New Chair for Industry Training Federation

13 September 2012

Ian Hall has been elected Chair of the Industry Training Federation, the member organisation representing the interests of all Industry Training Organisations (ITOs).

Dr Hall has a lengthy career in education, with a focus on vocational and technical education. He is a former Principal of the Christchurch College of Education and Otago Polytechnic and is a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management. Read more

Review of Industry Training Submission

11 September 2012

The Industry Training Federation is calling on the Government to establish a working party of Government, industry, and the Vocational Education and Training Sector to ensure changes in industry training support skill needs of employers and trainees.

The Federation has today released its submission into the Government’s consultation paper on the Review of Industry Training.   Read more or download the submission.

Review of Industry Training shows Government gets great value

Wednesday 1 August

The Government’s release today of proposed changes for industry training is an acknowledgement that the industry training sector provides great value for relevant skill development.

Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce announced the result of the year long review at the Industry Training Federation Annual Conference in Wellington this afternoon.

Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said proposed changes amounted to support for the current system and introduced some improvements, particularly around clarifying its support of apprenticeships and the roles of ITOs. Read More

ITF welcomes Vocational Pathways development

27 June  2012

The release today of draft material to support the Vocational Pathways will help schools, tertiary providers, and industries put together programmes to support young people into employment.

Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said the Vocational Pathways work had begun from policy developed by Industry Training Organisations in response to industry need for school leavers to be better prepared for work or further training. Read more

Budget Hope for Skills and Economic Growth

17 May 2012

The Industry Training Federation will be looking to next week’s Budget to deliver policy that better links tertiary education funding to skills and economic growth.

“In a time of tight budgeting, what we expect Government to deliver as part of its budget is initiatives that utilise existing funding more strategically,” Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said today.  Read more


Learning Increases Earnings

2 May 2012

Not only do industry trainees have the advantage of learning while they’re earning, but new research from the Department of Labour confirms they also improve their ongoing earnings.

Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said the new research showed that trainees who gained qualifications at level 2 or above, increased their earnings.

Gaining qualifications also improved the retention rate of staff, he said.  Read more

Nice name but where do the skills fit in?

15 March 2012

The Government needs to ensure that its new super Ministry does not forget the role that education and skills play in business, innovation and employment.

Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said the two international examples of business-facing government departments the Prime Minister cited in his speech today included skills, and tertiary education.  Read more


Changes to the school system will support youth employment

19 February 2012

Changes pending in the school system, instigated by Industry Training Organisations (ITOs), will support young people into jobs, Industry Training Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said today.

Mr Oldershaw was responding to the Salvation Army’s new State of the Nation Report highlighting low youth employment and the number of youth not in employment, education or training.

He said ITOs were a key force behind the vocational pathways work that had been adopted by the Ministry of Education as part of its youth guarantee.  Read more