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Nice name but where do the skills fit in?

15 March 2012

The Government needs to ensure that its new super Ministry does not forget the role that education and skills play in business, innovation and employment.

Industry Training Federation Chief Executive Mark Oldershaw said the two international examples of business-facing government departments the Prime Minister cited in his speech today included skills, and tertiary education.

“This is sadly missing from the New Zealand proposal, yet it is skills that drive productivity,” Mr Oldershaw said.

“While I am heartened by the Government’s expectation for a more skilled workforce, it seems to be a wasted opportunity that as it creates a Ministry that focuses on business, innovation, and employment, it has left education and skills out of the mix.

“The industry training sector is focused on ways in which vocational education and training can support New Zealand businesses be productive and sustainable.

“I look forward to working with the Government to ensure the integration of tertiary education and skills is not disregarded,” Mr Oldershaw said.

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