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Skills And Productivity

One of the key purposes of industry training is to improve the skills within the New Zealand workforce with the aim to improve the productivity of our nation.







Work ready, tertiary ready young people.




The Vocational Pathways concept was developed by Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) in 2009, and agreed by Cabinet as one of the "Youth Guarantee" iniatives in late 2010. They were then developed through a pertnership between government, education and industry.


The Vocational Pathways can help you understand the learning, achievement and skills gained by a young person. They halp identify the skills and learning a young person has achieved that relate to industries in the Vocational Pathways.


If a young person has achieved a minimum of NCEA Level 2 (or equivalent) with a Vocational Pathway it shows they have achieved qualifications and skills valued by industry and they are ready to progress to furthur study, training or work.


There are currently six Vocational Pathways covering: Primary Industries: Construction and Infrastructure; Manufacturing and Technology; Social and Community Services; Services; and Creative Industries.


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