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Industry Skills Leadership

Over the past few years, ITOs have been focusing more on one of their key mandated roles - to be the leaders on behalf of their industries in skill development.  This goes beyond helping to upskill individual workers.  It involves working closely with industry to forecast future needs and develop solutions to meet those needs.

Skill New Zealand coverITOs have responded to the industry skills leadership challenge in a number of ways.

These include smarter forecasting methods, workforce development initiatives, and programmes to overcome skills shortages and improve productivity in the workplace so that businesses can survive and flourish.  It also includes developing clearer pathways for career development, and working with secondary schools to provide better information and programmes for school leavers to make career decisions.

Some industries have realised that they need to attract workers from sections of society that are under-represented in their industries in order to avoid labour shortages in the future, and with support from ITOs are developing ways to do that.

Our future workforce will require better management skills and higher levels of literacy and numeracy.  There are several inititaives that address this need.

The information and case studies in this section, can be found in Skilling New Zealand:  ITO Leadership in Action.  Contact Adrienne Dawson for a copy or download it here.