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Effective business management is a necessary component of improvements to New Zealand’s productivity rate. To compete successfully in the global marketplace companies need to maximise the abilities and performance of their entire workforce, from the top down. Successful management is a crucial factor in making that happen.

A business requires skilled leadership and staff in order to be efficient and productive. Good management is essential for improving the development, use and retention of the skills of their staff. Managers need to be able to identify the skill requirements of employees and organise the implementation of appropriate training programmes. Employees need to be shown the benefits of work-related training for their own future development and employability.

Managers play an important role in creating a positive and productive culture for their workers. They are also responsible for encouraging staff to be innovative and creative in the way they work. Talented workers in a supportive environment are productive and contented. Learning new workplace skills motivates staff to produce high quality goods and services and to be loyal to their firms.

Organisations can improve their performance considerably when workplace training fits directly into the core purpose and strategies of the business. Any business will have a diverse range of workers with different skills, and managing them is the primary challenge for management in today’s workplaces.

Training capable managers is a priority for industry training organisations. Many ITOs are currently engaged in researching, developing and providing management development programmes for their industries. It is important that these management training programmes are led by their industries and focus on the needs of individual firms. Enhancing the abilities and effectiveness of existing and future managers should ultimately lead to increased workplace efficiency and productivity.


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