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New Zealand Careers Roadshow

The New Zealand Careers Roadshow provides secondary school students in rural areas with an opportunity to explore a variety of career option exhibitions first hand. The roadshow is designed to fill the gap in the provision of practical, personal careers information and advice outside the main urban centres. The ITOs (led by ATTTO) organise the events and the costs are supported by the schools, ITOs and providers.

A similar event, the New Zealand Careers Expo, services the four main cities annually. However, for students of schools in rural areas the cost of travel and accommodation usually prohibits attendance. The NZ Careers Roadshow targets remote rural regions, where over a 2-4 day period it visits a different secondary school each day. Students from neighbouring schools are encouraged to attend the event at the host schools.

The number of regions visited by this roadshow has increased considerably from its beginnings in Northland 15 years ago. Between March and September 2010 it will visit Northland, Central North Island, Coromandel, East Coast of the North Island, and West Coast of the South Island. Twenty-four different schools in seven areas of these regions will host the roadshow, with a predicted total attendance of 50,000 students.

The scale and popularity of the Careers Roadshow was aptly demonstrated in March 2010 when nearly two thousand secondary school students attended those held in the Central North Island region. They were organised by the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Industry Training Organisation (ATTTO) and held over three days at a different school in Taupo and Turangi each day.

Twenty-one industry training organisations exhibited at the roadshow, along with other tertiary education providers. Career options on show included agriculture, transport, forestry, aviation, tourism, building and construction, electrical trades, and hairdressing. Students from Years 9 to 13 had the opportunity to talk with exhibitors about training and employment possibilities for careers that interested them.

Local iwi and school principals welcomed the roadshow initiative as an easy and economical way to introduce potential careers to students. Regional mayors were also enthusiastic about the chance for students to open their minds to the wider career options the region has to offer.