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Workforce Development

Skills Active Aotearoa National Snowsports CertificateIndustries in New Zealand need to adapt over time to deal with changes in the way they operate, or to respond to particular workforce issues. In such cases ITOs work with their industries to help develop the industry workforce to respond to these changes, or to best meet the unique needs of the industry. Workforce challenges may be caused by changes driven from within the sector or externally, or stem from particular unique characteristics of the sector.

Sectors can have particular characteristics that mean they need to train their workforce in a different way from many other industries. For example, if an industry is highly seasonal or transient it will have different training needs than more stable or year-round workforces.

Industries can also face large changes driven by the industry itself. In these cases an industry may have a vision for where it wants to go in the future. ITOs play a role in helping the industry consider skill needs and training requirements to meet their future vision.

Other industries face sizable changes driven by factors beyond their control. For example, one particular issue that will have an impact on many New Zealand industries over the coming years is the effect of climate change and the differences this will make to work practices. In such cases ITOs need to work with industries to upskill workers to deal with change before or as it happens so that businesses can remain productive and the industry can remain viable.


Workforce Development Case Studies

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Skills Active Aotearoa National Snowsports Certificate


All case studies are published in Skilling New Zealand: ITO Leadership in Action