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ITO Good Practice Project

The ITO Literacy and Numeracy Good Practice project set out to research useful practices that ITOs have developed within their embedded literacy and numeracy projects and develop good practice guidelines, tools and resources to share those understandings.

Please access our bank of project resources from the links below.

Publications from the ITO Literacy and Numeracy Good Practice Project

Working with employers

Case studies and good stories

Building capability of ITO managers and field staff

Literacy and Numeracy skill profiles for jobs

Creating Literacy and Numeracy strategic plans

Project reports, surverys, policy documentation and presentations

Profilies of ITO embedded Literacy projects

Creating effective mentoring networks in businesses

Developing embedded training resources

Monitoring and assessing Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy provider profiles

Industry data for Literacy and Numeracy

Other useful resources and links.

Note that some of these resources were developed within individual ITOs and are provided as guideline materials for informal sharing between ITOs rather than ITF endorsed material.