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Monitoring and Assessing Literacy and Numeracy

Monitoring and Assessing literacy and numeracy

ITO Assessment workshop 16 Sep 2009

Assessment workshop summary

Workbase LN assessment presentation

ESITO Presentation

TEC LN Presentation


ITF tools and resources

Literacy and numeracy guidelines for Assessors (Workbase)

Workbase Assessor Literacy and Numeracy Guidelines (56KB)

Further information can be found on the Workbase website.


ITF assessment method 'map' for planning your assessment process

ITF assessment map Nov 09 (380KB)


Considerations when planning LN assessment (Workbase)

Assessment decisions for ITO consideration.pdf (912KB)



ITO examples of screening and assessment resources

Joinery ITO Strengths Check Material

JITO Strengths Check Assessors Pack (94KB)

JITO Strengths Check Learner version (159KB)

JITO Strengths Check Assessor version (3590KB)


For further information, please contact Eva Durrant, Joinery ITO, DDI: 04 470 7879


Retail Institute Strengths Check Material

Retail Strengths Check Facilitation Notes (46KB)

Retail Tote Sheet (116KB)

Retail Picture Chart (3085KB)


For further information, please contact Neil Béchervaise, Retail Institute, DDI: 04 495 9122



Research papers on assessing contribution of literacy and numeracy to workplaces

Hollenbeck, K (1996). A Framework for Assessing the Economic Benefits and Costs of Workplace Literacy Training

Hollenbeck 1996 (95KB)



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