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December 17, 2018 at 08:15 am

New Zealand's great employers recognised

The first nationwide campaign to recognise and thank employers who have qualified apprentices and trainees is being launched by the Industry Training Federation (ITF).  

Employers, ranging from small family businesses to large multinationals, who had trainees and apprentices complete qualifications in the past 12 months, are being listed in their local newspaper as part of the campaign.  All New Zealand’s 11 Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are backing the initiative.

“Our industry training and apprenticeship system relies on great employers to provide jobs, skills, and qualifications in the workplace. There would be no industry training without them,” says Josh Williams, ITF Chief Executive. 

“Currently 25,000 Kiwi businesses employ 146,000 apprentices and trainees. That makes employers the largest provider of tertiary education in New Zealand.  These employers are not just training people for jobs, they’re securing the future for their industries. We want to encourage more employers to get involved to help respond to skills shortages which span construction and infrastructure, manufacturing and technology, primary industries, social and community services, the services industries, and creative industries” says Mr Williams.

“We want to salute those employers in our communities that are qualifying our industries and encourage New Zealanders to show their support for these businesses that are developing our skilled workforce.”

“Many of our most successful employers and business people started out as apprentices. Not one of them has forgotten the name of the person that first took a chance on them.  Employers who take on trainees and apprentices are transforming lives and securing the future of our industries” says Mr Williams.

“We are also calling on the Government to acknowledge the contribution these employers are making. We want to see policy changes that incentivise more businesses to get involved in upskilling their teams,” says Mr Williams.

Increasing investment in workplace learning will help meet the challenges posed by rapidly changing technologies and shifting skill requirements.

“Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are disrupting the world of work. Industry training helps people respond to the challenges by giving them the opportunity to upskill throughout their working lives. Frontloading skills into young people is no longer enough to meet the challenges of the future of work. We need to encourage and recognise employers who are helping their people develop and grow.”

“Our best employers are putting their own money and resources into helping their people develop the skills their industries and communities need to thrive. It’s time they were given the recognition they deserve,” says Mr Williams.