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Welcome to the Industry Training Federation

The Industry Training Federation (ITF) is the collective voice for the Industry Training and Apprenticeships sector in New Zealand.

Our members are New Zealand's eleven Industry Training Organisation's (ITOs). Every year, ITOs help around 138,000 trainees gain qualifications through on the job workplace learning, alongside businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

The Industry Training Federation is an incorporated society, governed by a council of ITO Chairs and Chief Executives, and managed by a Wellington-based secretariat.

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NZ's only dedicated Vocational Education gathering in 2015.

Keynotes include the Chief Executive of the UK Commission for Education and Skills (UKCES), Michael Davis, and the Head of Section for Youth, Literacy, and Skills Development at UNESCO, Borhene Chakroun.

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  • October 5, 2015
    Massey's E2E report a compelling case for advanced apprenticeships. We should call them 'advanced apprenticeships' http://t.co/csHnxsIjH9 via @itfnz
  • October 2, 2015
    Awesome piece from Connexis CE Helmut Modlik. Civil is a huge area of growth, needing great people for great jobs https://t.co/5NpnZO1UR5 via @itfnz