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The workforce within scope of the ITOs – profile and projections.

We commissioned BERL economics to develop a report of changes to New Zealand's workforce between Census 2006 and 2013. It covers the occupations covered by the industry training and apprenticeships sector, as well as the overall workforce.  It shows some astonishing shifts over a relatively short period - with some significant implications for making sure our system is set up to upskill the workforce of the future.  

Overview report

Developing an Outcomes Framework for New Zealand's Vocational Education and Training System

Discussion document: Potential aims, uses, and indicators or a New Zealand VET system outcomes framework.

VET outcomes discussion document

Skills Through Life for a Productive New Zealand - Conference presentations

Click here for the conference presentations from ITF's annual conference, 26-27th July 2016.

Creating Real Futures Together : NZ's Industry Training and Apprenticeship System

The ITF's 20th-anniversary publication, Creating Real Futures Together was launched at our 2016 National Conference.  It tells the story of ITO-led education and training through the eyes of past and present stakeholders, its history, and the challenges and opportunities that lie before us.  

Download : Creating Real Futures Together
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