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Welcome to the Industry Training Federation

The Industry Training Federation (ITF) is the national body for New Zealand's eleven Industry Training Organisations (ITOs). We are the collective voice for the industry training and apprenticeships sector in New Zealand. We work with key government agencies, education sector groups, employers and industry, promoting the benefits of work-based education and training. We advocate for education, skills and employment policies to support the development of a skilled, qualified, and productive workforce. We encourage employer-led education and training, a system that supports lifetime learning, and vocational education that meets real industry needs.

The real cost of tertiary education

New analysis shows that industry training and apprenticeships are the most efficient and cost effective way to provide qualifications.

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Skills Highway

Skills Highway will take your business places and is your road to better business performance.

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Apprentices are better off than graduates for most of their careers

BERL research, commissioned by the ITF, uses a lifetime net financial position approach to compare the financial positions of degree holders, apprentices, and people with no qualifications higher than NCEA Level 2.  It shows that apprentices enjoy a lower risk career pathway, and are in a stronger financial position for the majority of their career. BERL - Modelling Costs v Benefits of Apprenticeship v Degree pathways - Full reportBERL - Modelling Costs v Benefits of Apprenticeship v Degree pathways - Exec Summary

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