New Online Casinos

The new online casinos that would like to launch any idea, are often the ones who are driving the rapid development of the gaming industry. That is why it is always exciting to get to be among the first ones to try out a brand new online casino.

Check out the list of the most recent areas, or,, read on for more info on how to play safe and get the most out of your gaming experience.

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Safe and fun game to play at new online casinos

Almost all of the new online casinos which are being launched in New Zealand are of the same high-quality standards, and offer many of the same smart features. One reason for this is that in New Zealand as the setting for a part of the requirement that the all - new game companies have to adhere to.

The result is, among other things, that all of the companies offer a simple registration procedure with the use of my e, which normally is called the casino, without any registration, and casino without an account, or Pay-n-Play.

The ITF, we are constantly striving to present the solution. We want you to be able to get out as much as possible, out of the gaming experience in a secure way. That's why we have only the casinos with a New Zealand licence that has been passed our tests.

In order for a new casino to be marketed in New Zealand is required, is a New Zealand gaming license. Such may, the gaming company to apply for in the Spelinspektionen.

The application costs a lot of money, and there are a lot of rules for companies to deal with. We believe that there are other factors as to why the game companies, which are being marketed in New Zealand in general is holding a very high quality.

It can be clearly seen that the new casino is committed to providing products such as the New Zealand players are welcome.

New Zealand new casinos are hard to beat

The number of new online casinos in the business, which is being released in New Zealand has diminished in the last couple of years. The best thing about it is that the new casino, which will be launched instead, keep a really high level of quality.

The New Zealand gaming is very good at that, and have actually set the bar for the entire industry. Not only does the overall quality, but when it comes down to features, and smart solutions.

We're going to talk to you more about the advantages of making new ones, the New Zealand online casinos, so hard to beat on the spot. First, let us tell you more about the ITF, and who we are as a driver of the this site.

About ITF

ITF monitoring of the New Zealand gaming ITF is a jämförelsesajt, which was launched in 2015. The side was founded by three friends from Stockholm, sweden, who had a vision to create a transparent, information-rich site, with the aim to contribute to a fair spelbransch.

We have created ITF has more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, including, among other things, by the light of several publicly-traded gaming companies.

In the year 2020, was nominated as one, we are the Best Casino Affiliate of the iGB Awards.

We have reviewed more than 200 New Zealand casinos and share new reviews, guides and news every week. At this point, we dare to call ourselves experts in this with new casinos online.

Tip : Try to Casinokompassen when you want to find a new casino to play at. Then, you'll be sure to find more fun and secure option that's right for you! You can also start from our top ten list for when you want to learn more about the best online casinos have to offer.

With the ITF, we hope to be able to share it with the great entertainment, which is available at the new online casinos hold a New Zealand license, a safe and a secure manner.

We will always advocate responsible gambling, and to examine the market for new online casinos thoroughly, we hope that more people will be able to get a really good and secure online gaming experience.

Guests who are visiting ITF is important, and we work hard to offer a reliable website, for anyone who wants to learn more about the online casino. Together, we are able to play safely and have a lot of fun while doing it. Here you can find out more about us .

Finding your new online casino with Casinokompassen

In order to make it easier for you to find the right casinodjungeln, we Casinokompassen. Casinokompassen is ITF a unique tool with which you can show up with proposals for new online casinos to suit your taste. Here, you can check it out .

For example, you can sort out the new casino is based on the bonus, the wagering requirements, payment options, and the gaming provider.

We are constantly working on the "smart" features, and tools that people can use. As an example, we offer 500+ slots in the demo version that you can play it for free and without a deposit.

While there, you can use filtering tools to find the games that suit you before you lay a bet in the real money in your casino.

How to test new casinos

We're testing a new online casinos with a lot of enthusiasm and take a close look at the licenses, features, game play, and the terms and conditions of the new solution. Our reviews are always independent and we will list the pros and cons of all the new online casinos, we try it out.

We want to be the kind of jämförelsetjänst we were to turn to, and that is why it is important that our customers can trust and rely on, the information contained in the ITF. Therefore, we do not recommend the online casinos on this page which don't pass our tests.

Here you will find new online casinos with a license

With that being said, we also want to be as transparent as we can to get the compensation from the casinos that we list, if you decide to create an account through one of our links. You will pay, of course, no additional compensation will not affect the grade we give to the casino.

By means of the compensation we receive, we cannot continue to operate this website and to deepen our knowledge of the latest industry news and regulatory changes.

New Zealand's best new casinos 2023

  1. Ninja Casino : Popular Pay ' N Play casino that is now back with a relaunch
  2. Online Casino : New license with a 50-omsättningsfria spins bonus
  3. Jalla Casino Big selection of games and e-signature
  4. Momang Casino New casino in New Zealand in the Game
  5. Prank Casino - In:$ 20 free-spins bonus with no wagering requirements

New casinos mean new bonuses

One of the benefits of the new online casinos with a New Zealand license, you will get the chance to take part in a casino game. As you may know, there is a bonus on a per-game companies, as applicable, according to the Spelinspektionens rules.

The boundary of a casino bonus is of course the boring and tedious for those who have been spoiled by the limitless rewards. However, companies are doing their best to give players more value for their money. For example, we are seeing more and more bonuses without wagering requirements new online casinos.

Mini guide: Your introduction to the play at new online casinos

Explore the new of the New Zealand online casinos with a New Zealand license can be both exciting and rewarding, and with our easy guide below, we'll show you exactly how you can get started and place your first bet is a new online casino.

  • 1

    Get a BankID

    First of all, you need to be a Mobile bank id. If you do not already have it, you can easily do it through your bank. You can read more about this in our article, which covers everything that is related to the casino with my e.

  • 2

    Choose your new casino

    Browse through our list of suggestions in the new online casinos is higher up on the page in order to find the casino that attracts you the most.

    Each new online casino has its own unique charm and advantages, so make sure to choose one that suits your playing style and preferences.

  • 3

    Create an account and make their first deposit

    Once you have chosen your casino, you must check the site and look for the option to put money in. Typically, this option is clearly marked on the top of the page.

  • 4

    Decide on your deposit amount

    Once you have chosen to make a deposit, you will be asked to fill in the amount you wish to deposit.

    Please remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose. The Online casino is supposed to be fun and entertaining, and it should not be a source of financial stress.

  • 5

    Confirm the deposit with the bank pass

    Finally, in order to carry out the transaction, you will be required to approve the transaction with your bank id.

    After the acceptance of the deposit, you can start to enjoy the excitement and entertainment to your new online casino.

Casino news

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New bonus rules for the New Zealand online casinos

Then, on New Zealand in the license, the companies that are active in the New Zealand market for many of the new regulations to deal with. One of these is that each of the companies, regardless of the number of brands they operate, only with a bonus (welcome bonus) for each player. It is also the case that a game company with a license, it can run well. However, current bonuses, then lump them together with this license.

This means, that if you take a bonus at Maria Casino, which is operated by the Spooniker ltd., you may not be able to claim the bonus, for example the High roller, or somewhat new, in the casino, which is also operated by the Spooniker.

Many people think that it is a pity that it is no longer possible to take part, the more the bonuses available at online casinos with a New Zealand licence. We are with you! But, at the same time, it makes it that more people will be able to play safer and more secure, and it is important for the safe and sustainable gaming market.

Local jackpots are the new casino bonus

The New Zealand bonus restrictions call for more creativity on the part of the bookmakers who are allowed to come up with exciting new features to compensate for traditional casino bonuses. At the moment, for example, local jackpots are trending among new casinos.

More and more casinos are offering its own jackpot, on a variety of games, from where the pot for their own members. The great thing about a local jackpots* are you at least you know WHERE it is falling out of, even if it is a random chance that determines when to use them.

Some online casinos also offer the opportunity to play for the jackpot which is guaranteed to be paid out prior to midnight of each day, which increases the chances of getting any further.

* A local jackpot is a jackpot that is only available on a single gaming site. Compare with a network jackpot, or a so-called pooled jackpot, where players at all casinos that offer the game are involved and play for the same amount of winnings.

How many casinos are there?

In New Zealand, 100 gaming companies have now received a New Zealand license. Of these, 70 are licenses for online casino and betting. Each bookmaker can get two licenses (one for casino and one for betting) and then they can operate any number of brands. At the time of writing, there are 268 online casinos with a New Zealand license, but new casinos are constantly being launched.

The number of new online casinos which are being launched in the New Zealand market has lost momentum since the New Zealand licence came up with. Several gaming companies have also withdrawn from the New Zealand market, and the withdrawal of their gaming licenses. However, the features of the new online casinos, which is a significantly higher standard than that of the foreign gambling sites. It can almost be said to be of good quality, and a user-friendly, user experience is a guarantee of a new online casino with the New Zealand gaming license.

Advantages of new casinos

The best thing about online casino is that it is always launched with new features and experiences that can increase the spelunderhållningen. We have seen many examples over the years.

LeoVegas were the pioneers of the mobile casino, Casumo, was the first of cables, and Faster to set new standards in the casino without an account. Big players launched with a VIP of the casino, with an extra generous offers. And with the new casino Address has launched LeoVegas feature, Swipe and Play.

The one who likes to play with a casino bonus will also get a second chance, every time there is a new online casino is launched. Here, we have collected the best casinopremiärer:

  • A unique and immersive experience

    The competition is tough for the companies, and they would, of course, to attract as many players as possible. In the past, it was common that the online casinos are competing against each other by offering the largest and the best bonuses as well. It's not possible anymore with the New Zealand division.

    Instead, they stand out in other ways as well. A good way to do this is, of course, is to offer a unique gaming experience that no one else does.

    A new casino in the premiere, it is always exciting to see if they have anything new to come up with. Example of nay as well as helped with something new to offer to the New Zealand market is LeoVegas, Casumo, High rollers, and the Duelz.

    We are waiting with great excitement for the next big thing in the online casino.

  • Exclusive features

    Exclusive features could be related to the above. I think we're in a little bit more of the stuff that is as LeoVegas, paving the way for mobile casino, as Casumo, with cables, or when Duelz launched the concept with the slots in the rallies.

    But the exclusives don't have to be grand. It could also be due to minor features that make the user experience better.

    Some examples here are new opportunities to filter out new games, or the chance to save your favorite slots in your own lobby. New or flexible payment methods also belong here.

  • The chance of a new deposit bonuses

    Yes, the new casino usually means that there is a chance to get a brand-new bonus. According to the Spelinspektionens statistics, the top ten per cent of the players are at least three accounts. It shows that there are many people who like to jump around between different sites. Maybe that vary in their online gaming experience or to be able to take advantage of the additional bonuses.

    Online casinos that offer bonuses are often very generous with their bonus terms. Often the wagering requirements are low or non-existent.

    Through the New Zealand license there are certain requirements on how the bonus conditions may be designed. There should always be a reasonable chance to wager your bonus. The bonus should also be available for a certain period of time.

  • Mobile navigation

    As already mentioned, it was LeoVegas, who were the pioneers of the mobile casino, when they were launched in 2012. The games work in the mobile phone, however, is not only a casino, but it is also gaming providers depends on. Hence, it was a couple of years prior to any of the other on-line casinos to catch up.

    Today, it is a matter of course, to offer a mobile casino that is at least as good as the manufacturers web site. About one-half of all casino players to play on mobile.

    In addition to that, the games works fine like it should be simple to click around in a mobile casino. The small size will require greater user-friendliness, which makes it important to have a mobile-first thinking.

  • High quality

    The high competition in the gaming market is pushing up the quality of today's gaming sites. And not to be rude here, but there are a lot of New Zealand-founded gaming companies that have set the bar high for the rest of the gaming market.

    Maybe it's out of the New Zealand players, a lot to ask, but all the new online casinos which are being released in New Zealand to an exceptionally high level of quality. There is nothing like a foreign gambling websites are rarely able to be matched with.

    In addition to the above-mentioned factors that can also contribute to the quality of a gaming site, we think that a lot is about stylish design and easy navigation. Compared to gambling sites outside of New Zealand, these are often messy and difficult to click around on. Something that also contributes to the feeling of quality is smooth and fast payment solutions as well as the possibility of no account required .

  • A safer gaming environment

    A casino is undoubtedly important in many aspects. Your personal information will be kept safe, the casino will have to ensure that the profits to be paid out of the games to be fair. It is also important for players to feel a sense of security when it comes to gambling, which is, in fact, is the one downside to this game.

    New casinos use the latest technology and secure encryptions that ensure that your data is handled securely and cannot be leaked. Since All New Zealand gambling sites require BankID for verification, you do not even need to provide your private information. There are several advantages to playing on a bank id in the casino the easy, safe and fast.

    With the help of the New Zealand licence is governed responsibly, gambling, both to players and gaming has been a great tool that makes life much easier. It is also actively engaged in the prevention of problem gambling.

Disadvantages of playing at new casinos

What are the pros and cons to everything, so, too, in the casino, of course. In the case of the new online casinos, we think that is very affordable, so long as they do their research. It's just the part we're passionate about here at ITF. Regardless of the research, so the disadvantages of the new casinos will be:

  • The site is untested and does not feel safe

    Regarding the security of the site is the rule number one is always to check the license of the gaming company. Which is a good thing if you're a bit of homework on what the license is.

    A New Zealand license is very strict and is one of the safest licenses a gaming company can have. This also applies to many other local markets such as the UK and Australia. These licenses do not cover New Zealand players but say a lot about how serious the casino is and what checks are carried out.

    One international license that is considered secure is the MGA license from the Malta Gaming Authority. However, it does not include the high level of consumer protection afforded by The New Zealand licence. We always recommend New Zealand casinos in the first place.

  • The casino hasn't been able to get in as many games in the competition

    It takes a great deal if you want to have a website with a lot of games. Both require a lot of technical resources, it is not that the site will begin to load the flexibility of the utmost importance to the content. Then the casino will also sign an agreement with all of the games, and, possibly, to obtain the correct B2B software, which can take some time.

    Ambitious, serious and the casino will still take in all of the most popular games as soon as possible, so it's only a matter of time before your favorite games are available at a new web site.

  • There are no reviews to read even

    We at ITF always try to be as fast as possible with reviewing new casinos online. Feel free to check in with us from time to time to keep up with the latest news on the gaming market.

    Could it be that not even we had a report about a new online casino – let them know! You can contact us by e-mail at any time, or to leave a comment on our site. Presumably, we are to test a new casino, and we certainly can guide you regarding the game page, you have to.

How to choose New Zealand as a property.

We have looked at some of the above, but our preference is for the new Zealand online casinos, which is based on the excellent quality and the way they are driving the development of the whole industry.

New Zealand new casinos often contribute with new trends, such as mobile casino, gamification, live casino, casino without Account, and most recently local jackpots.

In addition to the establishment of the New Zealand online casinos are often located at the leading edge of technology development and overall quality, so they are very safe to play with.

With a sure, we are referring to the site is encrypted, so that no unauthorized person can gain access to your personal data; and to the casinos with the american license to work hard in a safe environment, which is based on a responsible gaming .

Gaming providers levels up

As a little sidenote here is that although the games are working very hard to deliver a unique gameplay and the new features, as well as the chance to start the bonus round, directly, by making a greater effort.

Other trends pertaining to the game, rather than new, online casinos are the features, which megaways and InfinityReels. Try to launch the VR casinos have been made, but it has not taken off as of yet.

And while we're talking about the game bingo has increased in popularity, and there is now more room in the regular online casinos. You don't always have to find a new online casino to have a thrilling gaming experience, but also to look after the elderly, as well as testing a new product or feature.

New slots

  • Hell's Kitchen
    • Multipliers
    • Scatter
    • Free spins
    • Wilds
    • Random Wilds
    • Easy-to-use
    • Fun
    • Low volatility
    • Food
    Minimum bet

    2 kr

    Max bet




    Bet lines


    Return to player

    96.07 %

  • San Quentin xWays
    Nolimit City
    • Multipliers
    • Scatter
    • Free spins
    • Wilds
    • Easy-to-use
    • The high volatility of the
    • Action
    Minimum bet

    2 kr

    Max bet




    Bet lines


    Return to player

    96.03 %

  • The Amazing Money Machine
    Pragmatic Play
    • Jackpot
    • Respins
    • Random Wilds
    • The high volatility of the
    • Classic Castle
    Minimum bet

    2 kr

    Max bet




    Bet lines


    Return to player

    96.42 %

  • Buffalo King Megaways
    Pragmatic Play
    • Cascading reels
    • Scatter
    • Free spins
    • Wilds
    • Easy-to-use
    • The high volatility of the
    • Animals
    Minimum bet

    2 kr

    Max bet




    Bet lines


    Return to player

    96.52 %

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Six of the top ten plays of the entertainment

Spelinspektionen regular Novusundersökningar of the gaming market. In its annual survey the Public about the game (link to the PDF), there are a lot of very, very interesting stats.

It's easy to assume that everyone who will be playing for money on the line to play at the casino. However, the online casino ports, in fact, far down on the list, the New Zealand players are responding in the way they play online as well.

Hints : LeoVegas CEO, said in a recent interview about how a lot of their players are spending each month. It's not so much that you might think!

In 2020 it was a lottery and the numbers game, the most popular games. Then it said 32 per cent of respondents to the players that primarily play this game category on the internet. Thereafter, 20% of the horse, and 17% of the things.

Only 7 percent of respondents said that they are playing at the online casino. At the bottom of the list will be bingo with 6 per cent of the players and a game of poker with no more than 5% of the players.

In 2020, six of the top ten to one, while three out of ten people said that they played to win big. The numbers are the same as in the previous year.

Where do you turn in a dispute?

Another interesting statistic we learn from the Novus survey is that many people do not know where to turn in the event of a dispute with the bookmaker. It is not the gaming Inspectorate that hears this type of dispute. However, it can always be good to inform the authority if you notice that a bookmaker does not comply with New Zealand regulations.

If you disagree with a bookmaker (such as sweden and the u.s.) you must apply to the national board for consumer Complaints (ARN). The BOARD hears disputes relating to the game, if the value is greater than 1 00 to$billion. It is also possible to run the process through the courts.

If you have any complaints or comments in relation to spelreklam, it is the Consumer protection agency, you should turn to.

Find out how to check the license of the gaming company

It is, perhaps, the most shocking statistics is that the Spelinspektionen has been published so far, is that 95 per cent of the New Zealand players do not know how to check if a game company has been in the New Zealand license. We think that's a bad thing, because this is really a very simple matter to check it out.

What is the license of your casino is vital information. Here, check out:

  • Logos

    Spelinspektionens of the blue, the logo is highly visible on-site at a licensed casino. All licensed casinos, as well as the three-spelansvarsikonerna links for a break from the game, betting limits, and a self-test.

  • Footer

    In the mentioned questions, like “online Gaming company X, a company that is licensed by the Spelinspektionen, with a period of 5 years with effect from 1 January 2019”.

  • Spelinspektionen page

    The Spelinspektionen website lists all licensed gambling companies. Visit the page here and search for the name of your casino. If it is in the list, it has a license, if not = no New Zealand license.

    Here at ITF we only list licensed gaming companies so if you find new casinos with us, you can trust that they have a New Zealand license.

    If you are interested in at a glance, you can take a peek into our site and in which the we have made a list of all the New and New Zealand casinolicenser and which pages they run.

This is what the three game responsibility icons look like:

So in this game, the icons are out of the game fairness

What license a bookmaker has is important information for several reasons. Firstly, it says everything about how the bookmaker is controlled and what requirements are imposed on it. Should you get into a dispute with the bookmaker, it is where the license is issued that determines where you should turn for help.

It is, however, not all of the licensmyndigheter, which offers the players aid. Curaçao eGaming has, for example, that they do not mediate between the player and the casino and poker.

The security, the chances of winning, and the entertainment is just as important

Many people who play for money believe that safety is important. In the Novus Survey for 2020, safety, entertainment and probability of winning came out on top among the answer options.

In the annual survey "the public about gambling", for example, we can read in the 2019 survey that most people (40 percent) considered safety most important when playing. The second most important was the entertainment (36 percent). The answer to the same question in 2020 instead shows that respondents now think that security, entertainment and probability of winning top the answer options by about as many percentages.

Tips: fortunately, it is perfectly fine to play safe and get the most for entertainment. You don't have to pick. Here is the ITF you can find a lot of new online casinos that have been tested by us and are safe to play on, thanks to the Spelinspektionens license.

The New Zealand spellicensen

Online casinos in New Zealand, the market is regulated very strictly. Even if we have to compromise a bit with the bonuses can be, we also rely on the new online casinos with a New Zealand license, provides a very safe environment.

A new casino licence by the Spelinspektionen in order to launch in New Zealand

It is in New Zealand) the license is for non-commercial game was introduced with two main objectives: to be able to claim a tax on the games ' profits, as well as to enhance the protection of consumers a New Zealand player.

The New Zealand gaming omreglerades is relatively recent, and the spellicensen has only been in existence since the start of 2019. New Zealandr, of course, have to be able to play on-line for much longer than that, but at the gaming license issued by a foreign government. The Malta Gaming Authority, is one example of a licensing authority, which in the past has issued numerous licenses to operators who marketed in New Zealand.

The rules of the New Zealand gaming

If a game company wants to promote itself in New Zealand today are required to be licensed by Spelinspektionen, which is a New Zealand government agency responsible for the supervision of the gaming market.

Spellicensen comes with a lot of restrictions and rules to follow. Since a large part of the purpose of this license is to improve the protection of consumers there are a lot of rules that are related to it. Självavstängningsregistret a break from the game are included. As well as the opportunity to the players to set different limits, which two of these are currently required (deposit limit and a time limit). Also, it is hard-bonusgränsen is an attempt by the government to protect the players.

Some of the regulations in the area of the casinos with a license, it must comply with:

  • A maximum of one bonus per player
  • The player will be able to use the limits
  • The player needs to be able to close their account
  • Online betting company needs to carry out regular checks of the Spelpausregistret
  • The player will be verified at the time of registration made by the bank pass)
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to play
  • The gaming company will be subject to tax in New Zealand

What has been most visible for the players, the rules on bonuses, and verification. Most of the players would like to be able to take advantage of the bonus, in the same way as before, and it's a shame that companies are restricted in the. As a new online casino as a result will not be promoted with the help of an enormous amount of the bonus, which used to be quite common.

When it comes to authentication, that is because of the requirement that all new online casinos in New Zealand has become the BankID application. Verify with the bank pass at the same time as you start to play, making it easy to quickly and securely to get you started on a new loan.

What does it take to play at the casino online?

It is not only companies that have the requirement to adhere to. As a player, you must be at least 18 years of age to play the game. In order to prove this, you need to have a bank id, to accept registrations.

Many people already have a BankID because it is very useful in everyday life and not just at new casinos. But if you don't have BankID yet, then it's very easy to get.

The easiest way is to have the BankID app in your phone. Once you have downloaded it, log in to your internet bank to activate the service. Exactly how you proceed differs depending on which bank you have. Look for a menu item called “services” and the rest should explain itself.

For example, if you have Swedbank, you can get a BankID like this:

  1. Download the app to my e in your usual app store
  2. Log in to online banking
  3. Click on the menu bar and then select services -> my e
  4. Please click on the “Get the mobile bank id,” and then follow the instructions

It is not difficult, but if you encounter problems, you can contact your bank for help. You can then use your BankID to pay bills or pay for goods and services when shopping online. You also need BankID to be able to use Swish (which, by the way, works fine for both deposits and fast withdrawals of online casinos ).

A break from the game, is a national tool for improving consumer protection

Maybe you have by now heard of a break from the game.see? If not, then it's not so strange after all. According to the Spelinspektionens data show that four out of ten people do not know that it is possible to switch off from all the games, with the help of a break from the game.

Game break is New Zealand's self-suspension registry where players can suspend themselves from all games at the same time. The suspension then applies to all games that require registration, such as online casino, betting, trotting, land-based gaming and the Vegas slots.

Gaming break is a good and important tool for Responsible Gaming and for both players and bookmakers. With the help of game breaks, bookmakers can more easily know which players may have a problem gambling. At the same time, the player himself can more easily take back control and avoid constantly starting to play again, as well as get rid of game advertising.

In the past, there has been no way to switch off from all play at once. Because Game pause works on all licensed games instantly, it becomes easier to take a break when needed.

If you want to turn off the game, surfs in on a break from the game.sure. There, you'll have to choose how long the suspension should be adhered to; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or until further notice. A tillsvidareavstängning valid for at least one year.

Once you have registered to take a break, go to the do not cancel before the specified time-out period. All the New Zealand online casinos need to carry out detailed checks of the spelpausregistret before they let anyone to play.

Do you want to take a break from the game?

Gambling can be addictive, and it's important to be aware of how to play in order to maintain their healthy gaming habits. If you feel like you are losing control of how often you play and how much you are betting, it may be time for a break. Thanks to New Zealand's avstängningssytem it's easy to pause it everywhere, at the same time. Here's what to do:

  1. Visit To A Break From The Game.see and / or click through Spelpausikonen in a casino
  2. Choose a time that suits you (until further notice, in case for at least one year)
  3. Confirm the shutdown with BankID
This time is for a break from the game
This is a break from the game, and the time-out

Your break starts immediately and applies wherever you need to register with BankID to play, which includes all old - like new casinos with a New Zealand license. The break cannot be changed or canceled prematurely. If you have chosen to suspend yourself for 1-6 months, the suspension will be lifted automatically when the time has expired. If you have chosen for the time being, you need to end the suspension yourself, which can be done no earlier than after a year.

Healthy gaming habits = a sustainable gaming industry

For the industry to be sustainable and to work in the long run, it is required that those who have a healthy gaming habits. A healthy gaming habits go hand-in-hand with a sustainable industry that is rewarding and enjoyable for all. And in the healthy gaming habits is created by having many people as possible to play in a responsible manner.

Responsible gaming has been discussed in the gaming industry for many years now. Most bookmakers want to be involved in creating a healthy and sustainable industry where players have a healthy relationship with gambling. New casinos that are launched today often have a very clearly stated approach to responsible gambling, where healthy gambling habits are given very high priority.

It is a fact that there are disadvantages of gambling in which people are at risk of losing control over their gambling. No one wants to have it, and that in New Zealand to the licence, it has become much easier for the companies to work with responsible gambling.

Thanks to a break from the game to have both the companies and the players had a very good tool for the responsible gaming page. The players will find it easier to take control of their gambling habits. Companies, on their part, more control over who they let in the casino industry, and as a way to avoid letting the person with a gambling addiction, have playing.

It's good that there are several tools at hand for Responsible Gambling. Unfortunately, it is still difficult for bookmakers to know who is playing responsibly and who is not. Creating healthy gambling habits is therefore a responsibility you have to take on yourself. Here is a guide where we have summarized some tips.

Here's what to do in order to create the healthy gamer

  • 1

    Set a budget for how much you can play for.

    You can determine the budget even before you create a gaming account at your new casino. The amount should not be greater than you can afford to lose it.

  • 2

    Please remember that the house always wins

    The fun of the game is that you never know what the outcome will be, although, of course, always hoping for a drömvinst. However, the games are designed in the house's favor, and that's never a good idea to try and make some money on the game, or to try to win back what you have lost.

  • 3

    Check the license

    The license is very important for the protection you are given as a player. Nevertheless, very few people know how to check the licenses of bookmakers. A casino with a New Zealand license always has the Spelinspektionen's blue logo visible on the site. We only recommend New Zealand casinos because the security and consumer protection is high, while the entertainment is really good.

  • 4

    Set game limits

    When you create a new account, you should also set limits right away. These can be designed in a variety of ways. You can set limits on losses, revenues, and / or time. The time limit is also required, but how long are you going to play, you decide for yourself.

  • 5

    Do a self-test on Stö

    The support line has a good self-assessment test on its website where you can fill out a quick questionnaire to gain perspective on your gambling habits. Please take the Test at regular intervals as part of responsible gaming. You can click through to the test in this link or from any licensed casino.

  • 6

    If you are in need of a break

    Would you feel like you are losing control of how much you play or how often, you might want to take a break. Via A Break From The Game.can you exclude yourself from the games over a period of time you wish. It is also important to know that there is help available if you need it. Below you will find links and phone numbers of organizations that can help you to change your gaming habits.

    For the international sites, you can use tools such as the BetBlocker, or Gamban which is blocking you from accessing gambling websites. Both work on your pc, and install the app on a phone or tablet.

Important contact information, and links to the player
The national självavstängningsystemet, which applies to all licensed games in New Zealand.

The support line.see (tel: 020 81 91 00 pm)
The self-test, as well as the help and support of a gambling addiction, and family members. You'll be able to chat with the Guide on Mondays and Thursdays, there is a 9: 00 am-20.45, and the other weekdays, there is a 9: 00 am-16.45. You can also go into the Guide, in order to make a self-assessment test.
New Zealand's gambling authority, which is responsible for the oversight of the gaming market (Spelinspektionens list of licensgivna company.

Spelberoendes riksförbund
Help and support for gambling addicts and relatives. At Spelberoendes riksförbund you will also find links to family counseling and Budget Counseling.

Gamban & BetBlocker
International instruments, in order to block access to gambling sites, but a New Zealand license. Gamban is available here and will work on all devices. It costs £2,50 per month or £25 per year. BetBlocker is available and is free of charge. Works for iOS/Android and computer.

The new features of the New Zealand online casinos

Now that we've gone through security, and how to gamble responsibly at the new online casinos, we thought we nörda about some of the new casino will be contributed in the form of functions and events. The gaming industry has made a great development in a relatively short period of time. The technology is evolving rapidly and new concepts are born, continually. Super exciting and we think!

Casinohistoria: From the start to the new on-line casinos

  • 1994

    Microgaming developed the first ever online casino games in the series, and the first online casino was started.

  • 1996

    It was the 16th of the new online casinos, where players had to download the software to your computer in order to be able to play it.

  • 1997

    The number of new online casinos is increasing exponentially, at 200.

  • 1999

    Unibet launched in New Zealand.

  • 2001

    The company has its opening night.

  • 2008

    About 80 of the new online casinos to be launched throughout the year and it is continuing at the same pace for several more years to come.

  • 2012

    It is the first mobile casino, LeoVegas, and will be, and will invest the full of the casino on your mobile.

  • 2013

    Casumo and CasinoHeroes (as CasinoSaga) announced the launch of the first casinoäventyren: casino, with the cables.

  • 2015

    Loyalty and VIP programs are becoming super popularly, and new online casinos are competing to see who can offer the best benefits for players. Competition is getting tougher and tougher, and the companies are trying to outdo each other with plenty of bonuses.

  • 2016

    Live casino becomes big and several new casinos with a clear niche towards live games are launched. Already established gambling sites are launching separate departments for live casino.

  • 2017

    No casinochef get to compete in the huge bonuses and drämmer to omsättningsfria bonuses instead. High-rollers will be launched, with the bonus that the profile of the players that are making big bets.

  • 2018

    To start playing at the casino will be extremely light when a Pay n Play casino without account is ready. Fast withdrawals will be possible. Duelz allows the premiere of a new concept of casinodueller.

  • 2019

    The New Zealand spellicensen to be launched, and all of the generous bonuses will disappear-on the contrary. As early as the first quarter of the 62-gaming license for an online casino, and 44 of the licenses will be awarded for the things.

  • 2020

    Gaming providers'm just about to go up to his game of slots, and introduces a ton of exciting new features such as Bonus, Buy, Splitz, and InfiniReels. Megaways feature, it pops out of the many of the new machines.

  • 2021

    Spelinspektionen the parts out of the hundreds of license is Mr. Vegas!

They are three of the most important trends that have been initiated by the new casino

As you can see in the timeline above, several casino trends have been introduced by new casinos with a New Zealand license. Did you also notice that it is the New Zealand bookmakers that contributed with the biggest trends? It may sound reasonable that New Zealand gambling companies are becoming big in New Zealand, but the fact is that the majority of the gambling sites mentioned above are incredibly popular internationally.

  • LeoVegas launches mobile casino

    The most relevant trend, which was created by the new casino is probably as LeoVegas, paving the way for mobile casino. To play more advanced games Snake II " of the of the phone was only possible when Apple released their first smart phone. The contractors, Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm noted that when they started LeoVegas. The technology wasn't quite in place yet, but with the help of the prominent game developers such as NetEnt, became the mobile casino nz standard, and within a few years.

  • Äventyrscasino with Casumo & CasinoHeroes

    Casumo, with cables, in which there was a separate gaming experience to the side of the casino games. By collecting the points are awarded to the players with trophies that could be used for the deposit bonuses, and free spins. CasinoHeroes also introduced the concept of gamification, which was even more advanced. Finally, it is important to present in a virtual world, and to unlock new games and rewards. Today, gamification is not possible, in the same way, on the website on the basis of Spelinspektionens bonusbegränsningar.

  • The faster the present of the casino without an account

    Faster Casino was among the first to launch a casino where you could play instantly, without first registering an account. This also motivated not to offer any bonuses, so there were two things that new casinos quickly hooked on. Casino without an account is also called Pay N Play, which is actually a feature developed by the payment service Trustly. By making the first deposit with Trustly and verifying yourself with BankID, a player account is created in the background without any additional work required. For the player, just dive straight into the games without having to complete any tasks. An extra good advantage of playing without an account was that you also set the bar for quick withdrawals.

The future of online casinos

Because of the New Zealand gaming omreglerades just a few short years ago, the market is still at a very young age.

It has started a bit shaky and a lot depends on the hard bonus rules. New Zealand players want to be able to take advantage of bonuses, and the bookmakers want to distribute them. When this is not possible, many players turn instead to unlicensed players abroad.

In the first few years of the license, Spelinspektionen has focused a lot on getting companies to comply with the new rules in place. The laws are not always clear, and this has led to many of the game companies have received warnings, and in sanktionsavgifter.

It can be harder for players without a license

In the early years of the new casinolicensen have the Spelinspektionen has had a strong focus on to get a licensed online gambling company, to comply with the rules. In the future, the aim is instead to get rid of unlicensed operators from the market.

Part of it is most likely that the introduction of the B2B e-certificates. An example of this is that, although the games will require a licence if they wish to provide their games in New Zealand. This would lead to an unlicensed company simply doesn't have a few games to offer in the New Zealand market, even if they allow New Zealand players to the site.

All of the companies that have invested in an american license, hoping to clamp down on companies without a license. This is partly for my own part, in order to be able to compete on fair terms and conditions. But it is also one of the more durable gaming market with a high level of consumer protection, and in which companies are taxed on the profits they were actually doing in the New Zealand market.

More-new online casinos are launched in 2023

If the Spelinspektionen manage to make it more difficult for online casinos without a license, to take, to receive, the New Zealand players, such as, for example, by making them less attractive and, with the help of B2B software, we hope that the rise of a new casino in the New Zealand market.

As the gaming market today, to competing, the New Zealand online casinos on a very uneven playing field against unlicensed online casinos. At the same time, which is a company that has invested a lot in marketing in New Zealand are subject to restrictions, which makes the product less attractive, to be attracted to the players of the company abroad and do whatever they want to do.

The best of all possible worlds, in our opinion and according to the gaming industry, as was the New Zealand companies authorised to offer a product that was attractive enough for the team to choose, the New Zealand online casinos on their own. However, we're not likely to find a lot of bonuses in New Zealand for a while.

In order that the gaming market is going to be a sustainable and secure, it must, however, players have the option of the New Zealand company. And, if that is the only option available in the future, it will be easier for them to compete against each other in decent condition.

And this, in turn, will make more and more new casinos are looking to establish themselves in New Zealand. Then we may be able to see more of the new features, and, above all, we get to the more fun entertainment to play on it.

Frequently asked questions about the new online casinos

  • Double check that your new casino is licensed, read reviews and ratings, and research the casino and their terms and conditions carefully. Here at ITF we only recommend safe and licensed casinos.

  • The spelinspektionen logo is visible at all licensed casinos. You can also double-check the Spelinspektionen's list of licensed players.

    With all the new online casinos with a New Zealand license, there are three icons that you can see clearly where you are at this site. What is the self test, a break from the game, and the player limits.

  • Many people like to play at the online casino, you have more than one account. The change of pace pleases, and companies are often incredibly talented to come up with new and exciting features, in order to attract new players.

  • The most common bonuses are bonus cash, free spins, and omsättningsfria bonus.

  • Year-to-date features of a new betting companies awarded a license. It is the firm Swedix Limited, which operates the brand of Quick Loans. Please keep tuned to our news as we will keep you updated on when the next new casino opens in New Zealand.

  • Addiction does exist and anyone can be affected. There is help at hand. For example, you can get in touch with the support line, or a Spelberoendes Association. It is also strongly recommended that you use a break from the game.make sure to close out of you. In order to make sure that you are playing the sound, you can do a periodic self-tests, directly from your online casino. The game will be a lot of fun to play responsibly!



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