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Industry Training

Industry training covers the traditional trades and apprenticeships across a range of industries.

New Zealand’s 11 Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) are established by each industry. They arrange workplace training within their industries, and work with tertiary education providers to develop and deliver the skills that benefit trainees, employers and the New Zealand economy. ITOs set national skill standards, lead qualifications development, and play a central role in industry-related vocational education and training. 

Vocational Education

Vocational education and training is offered through senior secondary education, tertiary education courses, and ongoing professional development in the workforce. Every year over 200,000 school students achieve industry skills standards and qualifications, which is set to increase with the application of vocational pathways.

Vocational pathways provide a new way to connect education and employment, and achieve NCEA qualifications. They show people how their learning is relevant for opportunities across broad industries of the workforce. They help students and educators plan study programmes based on the colour-coded pathways, and make it easy for employers to see when young people have the credits recommended by their industry.