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ITF Brochure

This 9-page booklet details the roles of the ITF and the ITOs and explains industry training.
9 page booklet detailing the role of the ITF

Stepping up to better working lives: Workforce literacy in New Zealand

A position statement on Workplace Literacy from five national organisations working towards a skilled and productive workforce for New Zealand 

Download 'Stepping up to better working lives'

BERL - Modelling Costs v Benefits of Apprenticeship v Degree pathways

New BERL research, commissioned by the ITF, uses a lifetime net financial position approach to compare the financial positions of degree holders, apprentices, and people with no qualifications higher than NCEA Level 2.  It shows that apprentices enjoy a lower risk career pathway, and are in a stronger financial position for the majority of their career. 

Modelling Costs v Benefits of Apprenticeship v Degree pathways

Creating Real Futures Together : NZ's Industry Training and Apprenticeship System

The ITF's 20th-anniversary publication, Creating Real Futures Together was launched at our 2016 National Conference.  It tells the story of ITO-led education and training through the eyes of past and present stakeholders, its history, and the challenges and opportunities that lie before us.  

Download : Creating Real Futures Together

Developing an Outcomes Framework for New Zealand's Vocational Education and Training System

Discussion document: Potential aims, uses, and indicators or a New Zealand VET system outcomes framework.

VET outcomes discussion document
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