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April 27, 2017 at 05:00 pm

The government’s announcement of $11 Billion in capital infrastructure over the next four years needs to be underpinned by investment in skills and workplace training, says the Industry Training Federation.

"Today's announcement reflects ongoing confidence in a growing economy and will support jobs growth in many areas." ITF Chief Executive Josh Williams says.  

"However, these are some of the same industries already facing major challenges recruiting enough skilled people to deliver the work".

New Zealand's industry training and apprenticeships sector is experiencing strong growth in participation and performance, which reflects growing commitment and partnership between employers and government to develop workforce skills.

"We need to support employers and industries doing the right thing by engaging trainees and apprentices, building skills, supporting communities to prosper, and delivering a productive economy."

"This significant investment in infrastructure creates huge opportunities. In Budget 2017, we will look for the underpinning investment in industry training and apprenticeships that will be needed to support it." Mr. Williams says.

Contact: Josh Williams, Chief Executive
021 618 467